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more taleb about competitive intolerance. so ISIS will win

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what taleb says about pagans in his essay :-)

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mr modi goes to washington: why i have really low expectations

i wrote this before speculation surged about a possible drone deal. but even that is not all that great for india: no tech transfer, and only unarmed drones, but it's $3 billion, and that's all trump cares about.

and special 301 under the formidable US Trade Rep robert lighthizer is going to be harsher than ever.

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taleb on how an aggressive minority, even if small, can dictate terms to the rest

saudi attempt to wipe out al-jazeera not a #freedomofexpression problem

for indian MSM. obviously not. 

NDTV being investigated for massive fraud is.

Fwd: North Korea ka real strategy+The world is going down with Trump+GHAZWA-e-HIND revival

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From: Sanjeev Nayyar

1. Why the F-16 deal is not a game changer 23.6.17 by abhijit iyer mitra
2. Modi's  road to Trump's heart  23.6.17 by kanwal sibal
3. Chinese killings in Pakistan linked to CPEC 23.6.17 by lt gen prakash katoch
4. Modi's visit will set the tone for India's engagement with Trump administration 24.6.17 by arun k singh
5. GHAZWA-e-HIND revival – dangerous to Indian security by R Upadhyay 22.6.17
Pakistani propagandist Zaid Hamid had also repeatedly invoked Ghazwa-e-Hind as a battle against Hindu India led from Muslim Pakistan. According to Hamid, "Allah has destined the people of Pakistan" with victory and "Allah is the aid and helper of Pakistan." 
6. Ten Imponderables in the Strategic Partnership Scheme 22.6.17 by amit cowshish
7. Challenges for the New Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia 23.6.17 by mh m quamar
8. Belt and Road helps Nepal diversify relations and expand trade ties 22.6.17
9. The world is going down with Trump by paul c roberts 24.6.17
The most important fact that is overlooked by the Washington Post and the Russophobic members of the US government is that it is an act of insanity to call for more punishment and more pressure on a country with a powerful military and strategic nuclear capability whose military high command and government have already concluded that Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear attack.
10. North Korea ka real strategy 23.6.17 by christoper hill
GHAZWA-e-HIND – Revival and Re- assertion is dangerous to Indian Security:
GHAZWA-e-HIND – Revival and Re- assertion is dangerous to Indian Security:
Myanmar: Second Session of Panglong Conference: Mixed Results?
Myanmar: Second Session of Panglong Conference: Mixed Results?
Myanmar: Second Session of Panglong Conference: Mixed Results?
Myanmar: Second Session of Panglong Conference: Mixed Results?
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar
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pak's army wants to terrorize by beheading and videotaping

the equivalent of this would be to take the pak guy's body and pack it up in certain substances. brits used to do this to rebellious pak tribals. it cured them quickly, because it would prevent them from getting to 'heaven'. 

in other words, use their superstitions against them. 

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the kind of story that gets no media attention at all. no beef, no minority

just an ordinary hindu woman who was killed by apathy.

look at the desperation on her son's face. this is the desperation of the hindu community as govt and society just don't care about them.

Friday, June 23, 2017

so 'love jihad' for money is a reality, according to MSM?

RSS has only been saying this, and even showing the rate card, for around 10 years.

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the elephant in the room: feminists' unwillingness to face muslim misogyny

Fwd: [NEW POST] Logic behind the perversion of caste – Ram Swarup

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Logic behind the perversion of caste – Ram Swarup


Ram SwarupThe self-styled social justice intellectuals and parties do not want an India without castes, they want castes without Dharma. This may be profitable to some in the short run but it is suicidal for all in the long run. – Ram Swarup

Today casteism is rampant. It is a new phenomenon. Old India had castes but no casteism. In its present form, casteism is a construct of colonial period, a product of imperial policies and colonial scholarship. It was strengthened by the breast-beating of our own "reformers". Today, it has acquired its own momentum and vested interests.

In the old days, the Hindu caste-system was an integrating principle. It provided economic security. One had a vocation as soon as one was born—a dream for those threatened with chronic unemployment. The system combined security with freedom; it provided social space as well as closer identity; here the individual was not atomised and did not become rootless. There was also no dearth of social mobility; whole groups of people rose and fell in the social scale. Rigidity about the old Indian castes is a myth. Ziegenbalg (1682 – 1719) writing on the eve of the British advent saw that at least one-third of the people practised other than their traditional calling and that "official and political functions, such as those of teachers, councillors, governors, priests, poets and even kings were not considered the prerogative of any particular group, but are open to all".

Nor did India ever have such a plethora of castes as became the order of the day under the British rule. Megasthenes (ca. 300 BCE) gives us seven-fold division of the Hindu society; Hsuan Tsang (ca. 650 CE) the Chinese pilgrim mentions four castes. Alberuni (973 – 048) too mentions four main castes and some more groups which did not strictly belong to the caste system.

Even the list of greatly maligned Manu contained no more than 40 mixed castes, all related by blood. Even the Chandals were Brahmins on their father's side. But under the British, Risley (1851 – 1911) gave us 2,378 main castes, and 43 races! There is no count of sub-castes. Earlier, the 1891 census had already given us 1,150 sub-castes of Chamars alone. To Risley, every caste was also ideally a race and had its own language.

Caste did not strike early European writers as something specially Indian. They knew it in their own countries and saw it that way. J. S. Mill (1806 – 1873) in his Political Economy said that occupational groups in Europe were "almost equivalent to an hereditary distinction of caste".

To these observers, the word caste did not have the connotation it has today. Gita Dharampal-Frick, an orientalist and linguist [currently at Heidelberg University], tells us that the early European writers on the subject used the older Greek word meri which means "a portion", "share", or "contribution". Sebastian Franck (1499 – ca. 1543) used the German word rott (rotte) meaning a "social group", or "cluster". These words suggest that socially and economically speaking they found castes closer to each other than ordo or estates in Europe.

The early writers also saw no Brahmin domination though they found much respect for them. Those like Jurgen Andersen (1669) who described castes in Gujarat found that Vaishyas and not the Brahmins were the most important people there.

They also saw no sanskritisation. One caste was not trying to be another; it was satisfied with being itself. Castes were not trying to imitate the Brahmins to improve social status; they were proud of being what they were. There is a Tamil poem by Kamban (ca. 1180 – 1250) in praise of the plough which says that "even being born a Brahmin does not by far endow one with the same excellence as when one is born into a Vellala family".

There was sanskritisation though but of a very different kind. People tried to become not Brahmins but brahmavadins. Different castes produced great saints revered by all. Ravidas (ca. 1450) a great saint, says that though of the family of Chamars who still go through Benares removing dead cattle, yet even most revered Brahmins now hold their offspring, namely himself, in great esteem.

With the advent of Islam the Hindu came under great pressure; it faced the problem of survival. When the political power failed castes took over; they became defence shields and provided resistance passive and active. But in the process, the system also acquired undesirable traits like untouchability. Alberuni who came with Mahmud Ghaznavi (971 – 1030) mentions the four castes but no untouchability. He reports that "much, however, as these classes differ from each other, they live together in the same towns and villages, mixed together in the same houses and lodgings".

Another acquired another's trait; they became rigid and lost their mobility. All mobility was now downward. H. A. Rose (1867 – 1933), Superintendent of Ethnography, Punjab, from 1901 to 1906, author of A Glossary of Punjab Tribes and Castes, says that during Muslim period, many Rajputs were degraded and they became scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Many of them still retain Rajput gotra of Parihara and Parimara. Similarly, G. W. Briggs in his The Chamars, tells us that many Chamars still carry names and gotra of Rajput clans like Banaudhiya, Ujjaini, Chandhariya, Sarwariya, Kanaujiya, Chauhan, Chadel, Saksena, Sakarwar; Bhardarauiya, and Bundela, etc. Dr K. S. Lal (1920 – 2002) cites many similar instances in his recent Growth of Scheduled Tribes and Castes in Medieval India.

The same is true of Bhangis. William Crooke (1848 – 1923) of Bengal Civil Service tells us that the "rise of the present Bhangi caste seems, from the names applied to the castes and its subdivisions, to date from the early period of Mohammedan rule". Old Hindu literature mentions no Bhangis of present function. In traditional Hindu rural society, he was a corn-measurer, a village policeman, a custodian of village boundaries. But scavenging came along with the Muslim and British rule. Their numbers also multiplied. According to 1901 Census, the Bhangis were most numerous in the Punjab and the United Provinces which were the heartland of Muslim domination.

Then came the British who treated all Hindus equally—all as an inferior race—and fuelled their internal differences. They attacked Hinduism but cultivated the caste principle, two sides of the same coin. Hinduism had to be attacked. It gave India the principles of unity and continuity; it was also India's definition at its deepest. It held together castes as well as the country. Take away Hinduism and the country was easily subdued.

Caste in old India was a cooperative and cultural principle; but it is now being turned into a principle of social conflict. In the old dispensation, castes followed dharma and its restraints; they knew how far they could go. But now a caste is a law unto itself; it knows no self-restraint except the restraint put on it by another class engaged in similar self-aggrandisement. The new self-styled social justice intellectuals and parties do not want an India without castes, they want castes without Dharma. This may be profitable to some in the short run but it is suicidal for all in the long run.

In the old days, castes had leaders who represented the culture of the land, Who were natural leaders of their people and were organic to them. But now a different leadership is coming to the fore: rootless, demagogic and ambitious, which uses caste slogans for self-aggrandisement. – The Indian Express, 13 September 1996

Glossary of the Tribes and Castes

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PSLV-38 Launches 31 Satellites Successfully

PSLV-C38 has successfully launched and deployed 31 satellites into orbit:

arabs want al-jazeera shut down? that's really dumb

al-jazeera is the arab propaganda channel, just like bbc for brits, cnn for yanks, RT for russians, global times for china.

and arabs want it shut down?

inscrutable indeed.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

ishwar sharan posts sita ram goel's views on the perversion of caste

jati is not caste.

caste is a european reinvention and perversion of the ancient indian idea. it comes from the portuguese 'casta' which is a measure of 'whiteness' among the mixed-race people of the portuguese colonies in latin america

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fear has changed riyadh: fear of loss of US support and fear of end of oil

i think the saudis are falling apart. this means kerala's economy will collapse too. just in time for the brand-new international terminal in cochin, and the brand-new airport in kannur, both white elephants. 

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modi's physical style of foreign relations. won't work with trump, i bet

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quick notes: Grand mosque, Border wall...

Russia May Help Train Indian Astronauts

Russia may help train Indian astronauts in the future:

Pak Supporters Arrested for Celebrating Cricket Victory

Arrests were made in various parts of India as members of a certain community celebrated the cricket victory of their Pakistani motherland:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rural Distress & Cures For It

Since agriculture is where half the Indian population is trying to make a living, it's worth looking further at what ails India's more miserable half, to figure out how to cure them.

Roots of rural distress:

Note that the govt is now putting forth a Wage Code bill:

Unfortunately, this bill creates a universal minimum wage across the entire country. Why not simply give local districts the power to set minimum wage? Surely it's obvious that minimum wage has a relationship with cost of living, and cost of living is not the same in all parts of the country. Why not give local districts the flexibility to compete in attracting jobs through the ability to set local minimum wage?

South Korea Plans to Develop Hyperloop

South Korea has signed an agreement with company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to build a high-speed transportation network based on hyperloop technology:

Perhaps for an undeveloped revolutionary concept with broad potential like this, it would be best to have an international consortium of countries jointly developing this together, rather than separately - just like there is for nuclear fusion research (eg. ITER). Maybe India should try to join in with other countries to get this technology more quickly developed sooner rather than later. India could supply lots of cheap engineers to help such a project, just as it did for France in development of the Viking/Vikas rocket engine, or as it's been doing for the International Tokamak Energy Reactor (ITER). Japan is already financing the construction of a bullet train line for India, so perhaps India could join with South Korea and others to get a hyperloop line made in India.

the end of the line for the gulf autocracies?

the iran-saudi rift now threatens to bring down the entire persian gulf.

did i mention schadenfreude? they squeezed the blood out of us in all sorts of ways.

and whatever will people in kerala do? i guess they can go to amartya sen-rothschild and his 'kerala model' will help them. yeah, pigs will fly.

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obscure but important legal precedent set by US supreme court in IPR

US supreme court restricts the use of digital millennium copyright act and patent law to prohibit buyers from reusing or reselling electronic products and accessories such as printer cartridges. this has broad implications on the use of IPR in software as a competitive weapon.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

american student, tortured by north korea, dies after release

this sounds pretty serious, and trump will have to do something. of course we don't know exactly what the fellow was accused of and what he did. stealing a poster and getting 15 years hard labor seems excessive.

but i cannot help thinking of the american teenager who vandalized cars in singapore, excepted to get off with a slap on the wrist, and instead was caned (which is not at all pleasant)

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tatas to build f-16 fighter jets in india, including for export

good news: some make in india; will mollify trump too. and this may mean some of the technology transfer restrictions under super 301 are being eased

bad news: obsolete technology being dumped on india. the latest like the f-35 not available to us

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#womensrights in america

and these are the guys who lecture india on sexism. nice.

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as feared, another dreary apparatchik has been chosen for president

there should be a blanket ban on all politicians from being anointed as president. 

the worst of course was prathibha patel, who was a nehru dynasty flunkey, and showed her class by apparently swiping the cutlery from the presidential palace when she left, along with all the gifts given by foreigners.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

is trump caving in to china in the south china sea?

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hindu cowardice a myth, says elst

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

the way this is phrased, they expect most bigotry re. his half-indian-ness

and that makes sense. even if the english oppressed the irish, when the irish came to india, they were pretty brutal to indians.

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fabulous piece by arvind neelakandan on temple pillars in kanyakumari dist

by the way, hinduism is dying (or dead) in kanyakumari district, which is 75% christian.

a superb piece on an unknown facet of the subcontinent: burmese stories

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CRISPR-CAS9 has problems too: worrying implications

amazon buys whole foods for $13.7 billion

is there no end to this company's ambitions to sell everything to everybody? i am getting really nervous about both amazon and facebook's vaulting ambitions.

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macron is #deepstate's new Great White Hope in europe

Great White Hopes have been crumbling in india: rahul, then kejriwal, then that idiot jnu boy (what was this name?). they're on the lookout for the new Great White Hope in india as well.

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it was G2 for a while, now it's G0? india needs to push for G3

G3 has to be our strategic intent.

G1 is china's strategic intent.

G1 was america's reality for a few years, but now china cannot be excluded.

we have to try the thucydides trap where the two fight with each other and we stay out of it. like the panchatantra cat and monkeys and appam.

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al qaeda plans 'gazwa e hind' ie final jihad for india

the hans are coming! in science!

eerie echoes of what they said about japan in the 1980s. but this may be for real, as the hans are systematically stealing and also investing heavily in R&D. 

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Friday, June 16, 2017

New Flow Battery (Membrane-less)

Some Purdue scientists have developed a flow battery which does not require membranes to function:

Flow batteries are batteries whose internal contents are liquid electrolytes. They can be charged up the regular way via plug-in, or alternatively the liquid contents can be drained and re-filled with fresh electrolytes which are already charged up. This would allow an electric vehicle to have 2 different alternatives for recharging: using the plug-in way (eg. at home in the driveway), or else do a liquid refill for immediate full recharge (eg. at a pumping station).

The main limitation on such flow batteries, is that they use a membrane which can get clogged up and has to be changed fairly often. The new design from the Purdue researchers does not use a membrane, and removes that limitation.

baghdadi is killed. again.

like the monthy python skit "general franco is still dead"

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junichiro tanizaki, a japanese master of modern fiction

i was fortunate to read, as a teenager, the tanizaki work 'the key', in malayalam translation. i also read the tale of genji, yasunari kawabata, and yukio mishima in translation in malayalam. those were good days for malayalam.

japanese fiction is strange and different, but beautiful nonetheless. these days i like haruki murakami, although he is the most westernized of the great japanese masters. 

e sreedharan for president!

my vote for him. what a guy!

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quick notes: Swappable batteries, Eating metal...

  • Transportation is ripe for disruption: Cars sit idle 95% of the time. Freeing up those dormant cars to be a part of the economy will take more than just Uber. Bikes have a major role to play.

  • Swappable batteries: India’s EV revolution will begin with auto-rickshaws running on swappable batteries. Compared to larger batteries used in EVs, which typically aren’t interchangeable, these swappable batteries are smaller, cheaper, and take less time to charge. “Suddenly the whole economics was working. And once the economics work, one can scale,” said Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala.

  • Diesel demise: Munich, home to BMW, considers diesel ban to tackle pollution

  • Coal demise: The inflection point - clean energy is about to become cheaper than coal.

  • Bengaluru is eating the dangerous heavy metals it produces: What leaves Bengaluru's washing machines ends up in its lakes, and dinner plates.

  • University rankings: Chinese institutions went ahead of several prestigious European counterparts. No Indian university in world's top-100 list.

  • Ravi Suhag: India’s most prolific hackathon winner never went to an IIT (or any other name brand school)

hans at work stealing indian territory with their 'herdsmen', then soldiers

1000 sq kilometers? gee whiz!

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Fwd: Article on PM Website: Economic Reforms

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From: Akhilesh Mishra


I am writing this mail to highlight a specific article that has narrative and factual response to the question being posed in some quarters - has there been economic reforms under the Modi Govt?

On PM Modi Website: On whether there have been big-bang reforms under the Modi Govt:


Akhilesh Mishra

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Fwd: Musing on London bridge+Pakistan role in mideast crisis+Myanmar looks to China

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From: Sanjeev Nayyar

1. S.S. Khaplang's death reopens Naga Pandemonium Box 15.6.17 by sudeep c
2. Myanmar looks to China 15.6.17 by G Parthasarathy
The long-running ethnic insurgencies in Myanmar now involve the dominant majority, Bamars, facing 22 armed groups comprising ethnic minorities. Among the strongest of these groups are the United WA State Army (UWSA), with 25,000 well-armed cadres, and the 5,000-strong Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which operates across the India-China-Myanmar tri-junction. Both these groups receive weapons and logistical support from China. The KIA has backed India's northeastern separatist groups like ULFA and the NSCN (Khaplang), in consultation with government officials in China's neighbouring Yunnan province. The Chinese have equipped the UWSA with sophisticated weapons that are used in Myanmar's insurgency ridden Shan state. Cross-border attacks by the UWSA are a major instrument of China to pressure Myanmart reportedly China persuaded the UWSA recently to accept a ceasefire. It is acting similarly with the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO). China's envoy to Myanmar has 'facilitated' talks with the KIO — a development India should closely monitort reportedly persuaded the UWSA recently to accept a ceasefire. It is acting similarly with the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO). China's envoy to Myanmar has 'facilitated' talks with the KIO — a development India should closely monitor."
India has to recognise the reality that it cannot match China in weapons supply or in a range of infrastructure and industrial projects.The main area, which has won us gratitude, is vocational training and education facilities for Myanmar personnel.
We need to review and restructure our economic cooperation with Myanmar, with increasing focus on assisting populations living close to our borders, through imaginative schemes for education, health, communications and small/village industries.'
3. CPEC: the need for a second look by India 15.6.17 by ranjit singh k
Over the years Pakistan has tried assiduously to maintain that PoK and GB are two separate entities. There is no mention of GB as a part of Pakistan in the various constitutions of Pakistan, be it the 1956, 1962, 1972 or the 1973 constitution. Even the Sino-Pak Agreement of 1963 states in Article VI that "after the settlement of Kashmir by India and Pakistan, the sovereign authority will reopen negotiations with the People's Republic of China..." Thus both Pakistan and China admit that presently they do not exercise sovereignty over GB till a final settlement is reached.
Pakistan prefers to rule GB directly rather than through the PoK authorities.'
4. The 'balancing act' of India's membership to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation 13.6.17 by Kanwal Sibal
That Pakistan should have been given preference for membership over Iran and Afghanistan which have major economic, cultural and direct security ties with Central Asian states reflects China's noxious clout.
India's membership will have other difficult aspects. We will have to decide on our participation along with Pakistan in SCO's joint military exercises.'

5. Beyond Rescinding the Xiangshan Forum 15.6.17 by lt gen prakash katoch
6.Pakistan role in mideast crisis 15.6.17 by talat masood
In a region where free speech is considered criminal activity Al Jazeera has become highly contentious. Its more vocal and independent reporting of events is unacceptable to insecure and authoritarian regimes of the Middle East.
Historically, Pakistan has never taken sides in intra-Arab feuds. In the Yemen conflict too Pakistan took a neutral position.However, the recent visit of a Qatari delegation to Lahore and its meeting with Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif's visit to Saudi Arabia this week suggest Pakistan's efforts at defusing the crisis.'
Combating the new range of threats posed by the IS will also require political settlements in Syria and Iraq.'
9. Rogue state's threats are designed to increase leverage with U.S. and China 15.6.17 by peter s. kim
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar
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'zelle' seems like it's america's BHIM

reverse innovation?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

London Public Housing Building Becomes Towering Inferno

Grenfell Tower, a 27-storey apartment building run by a London municipality, looks like a scene from a disaster movie, with an electrical fire having quickly spread to engulf the whole building. With many people trapped inside, some even jumped from the tall building to escape the flames.

Here, children trapped in the burning building are heard screaming for help:

The building's tenants assocation had long complained of safety violations and poor maintenance, including power surges from faulty wiring which had previously caused electrical fires.

Monday, June 12, 2017

laptop bomb int trump leaked to russia, that came from israel

this explains why we can't carry laptops if we are on US bound flights via the middle east.

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national herald? isn't this the paper accused of being a money-laundering deal?

it is under a cloud with both the italian and her son implicated directly in financial malfeasance. pretending that it's a venerable newspaper is laughable. 

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lack of strategic intent: these fellas still think india is a banana republic

india should never forget that it's a superpower in the making: one of the G3. these smaller powers can be partners, yes, but this is a rehash of NAM with india being just one of the banana republics. no, we should actively be imagining a grand narrative in which we are the third pole: it is up to the lesser powers to decide whether they want to be junior partners to the US, china or india. 

How Do We Solve the Farmer Problem?

How do we solve the farmer problem? Any suggestions?

Let's at least first break the problem down using first principles, for a reality check:

But then what do we have to do to solve it? Any suggestions?

The main bottleneck is the inability to provide alternative employment in more value-added sectors, like manufacturing, etc, as other countries have done before us on their development climb. This is due to India's ugly labour laws. Maybe one solution could be to decentralize labour policies down to the local district level, including for land acquisition as well as minimum wage, in order to ensure maximum competition between geographic areas.

is yoga's power its impact on the vagus nerve?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

note how even here, they only talk about buddhism, not hinduism

perhaps because a) they are in awe of china, which they see as the buddhist nation (we lost our soft power there, thanks partly to that idiot amartya sen being in charge of nalanda univ), b) they think they can 'handle' buddhism more easily, as they have done in south korea.

but the idea that the west's conception of a split between the rational and spiritual worlds is fundamentally flawed is welcome. semitism is just plain wrong.

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electric auto-rickshaws, anyone?

ISIS Executes 2 Chinese in Balochistan

ISIS says it has executed 2 Chinese nationals it kidnapped in Balochistan:

They start off with cute kids singing - but it'll end in machine-guns, suicide-bombings and other assorted bloodshed.

uber needs to be more like mu sigma, says forbes

Saturday, June 10, 2017

no country for women and children?

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Google Founder Building Large Airship

Billionaire Google founder Sergei Brin is having a large airship built, which will serve as his luxury air yacht, and also be able to perform humanitarian disaster relief around the world:

Giant airships are about to make a comeback, because of their potential to haul hundreds of tons of cargo to places which don't even have airstrips or prepared landing areas.

This is an idea that India should seriously pursue. Just look at the scale of humanitarian disasters that have occurred in India - and of course the amount of clamour they produce from the Indian masses. When there's an earthquake, flood, typhoon, tsunami, drought, plague outbreak, whatever, these usually create huge political shockwaves as a follow-on effect. With large airship transports available, Indian govt could transform the optics from looking slow and inept into looking like saviours, as giant transports are sent in carrying hundreds of tons of relief supplies and aid personnel. It would certainly be a way for India to project the much-vaunted "soft power" around its region - whether to immediate neighbors, or even farther to SouthEast Asia or Africa. Even India's Antarctic missions could benefit.

Likewise, India's own economy could benefit from roadless bulk transport which airships could provide, especially to remote regions where roads are few and poor in quality. Heavy equipment and infrastructure could be transported to remote undeveloped areas, including bringing heavy military equipment to staging areas nearer to the borders. The ability to carry a thousand tons of water could tremendously boost firefighting, saving large swathes of dry forest which might otherwise be ravaged by fire - or even help assist drought-stricken areas from losing their crops. Large-scale aerial spraying could even help help farmers combat insect pestilence.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Europe's babri masjid coming up

is the US edu system producing 'smart fools'? and what about the indian system?

what are the implications for industry 4.0? will we make the grade?

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Can ISRO's Success Be Replicated?

Fwd: Corridor between China, Nepal and India+Achilles Heel in India's Border Defence with China!+ S.Korea can’t strike a balance between China and US on THAAD+

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1. One Belt, One Road has no basis in China's history 9.6.17 by deepak nayyar
China is seeking to legitimize One Belt, One Road by invoking the Silk Road, but the initiative more closely resembles European imperial engagement with Asia in the 19th century.'
2. Explained: India, NSG, And The Chinese Roadblock 8.6.17 by artha biswas
3. Japan races China to secure Asian port rights 8.6.17
Japan's ruling party on Wednesday pushed a nuclear cooperation deal with India through the upper house of parliament, clearing the way for Japanese exports of materials and technology to the South Asian country.'
5. Raghuram Rajan has the last laugh 7.6. by anantha nageshwaran
6. Corridor between China, Nepal and India: Is it realistic? 6.6.17 by hari b jha
'However, it is feared if China will that easily open Tibet for tourists from Nepal, India and other parts of the world through the trilateral corridor. Recent experience shows that China did not even allow the Nepalese business persons and truck drivers, other than those from Nepal's northern regions, to enter into the Chinese territory from across the Rasuwagadhi sector when they wanted to collect 46 containers of goods in Tibet during the time the Madheshis in Terai region had imposed economic blockade at the Nepal-India border in 2015-16.'
7. S.Korea can't strike a balance between China and US on THAAD OPED 7.6.17
'Russian President Vladimir Putin said on June 1 that Russia would not ignore the US' deployment of THAAD in South Korea, and pointed out the contested islands, known as the Northern Territories in Japan, would be an ideal place for military deployment against THAAD. Once South Korea finishes its deployment of THAAD, China should have corresponding countermeasures immediately. Sino-Russian cooperation on this will be important. Seoul must know it cannot escape scot-free. '
8. Achilles Heel in India's Border Defence with China! 9.6.17 by col rajinder singh
China had occupied some 35241 sq Kms in Akasai Chin and 350 Sq Kms in Demochek region during 1962 war. China also claims some 150 sq Kms are of Demochek region under Indian Control.
In the Middle Sector, opposite Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh,  there is a great chunk of territory claimed by China, which is hardly known to a common man in India. These areas are , Chumar, Kaurik, Shipki La, Nelang and Laptha . However, in the Middle Sector, there is another very significant region, called Barahoti Grass Land, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, whose grazing fields extend over some 80 Kms.
Chinese troops frequently intrude into the bowl and destroy the temples but they are rebuilt by the locals.
Indian Government, in an 1958 agreement with China, had declared this area as a No-Man's land ,which was forbidden to be patrolled and occupied by two armies. This was a strange concession by Nehruvian Government.
What is worrisome is the fact that between March 2017 and first week of June 2017, there have been four intrusions. The last intrusion by two helicopters is worrisome as it was by Zheva class Attack Helicopters.'
Since the U.S. has been unable to change Pakistan's behaviour despite having provided nearly $34 billion in economic and military assistance since 2002 accompanied by occasional threats to suspend or withhold the funds, enhancing capability of the Afghan security forces remains the only option. '
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