Thursday, October 09, 2008

alleged Rape of the Nun

oct 9th, 2008

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From: R

The nun with a distinctive malayali accent described on all news channels without flapping and with great fortitude, considering she had been raped, the sequence of her rape. With great coincidence the same news channels almost to the day when the rape story hit the public domain, told us with American familiarity that 'sabyasachi' had confessed to killing Pujya Swami Laxmananda Saraswati. Being a good girl myself I didnt know who sabyasachi was for close to 24 hrs. Now the following questions trouble my mind -
1. Rape is the most brutal and terrible of all human crimes and perversions. There is no excuse for rape and in India, in public opinion there is zero tolerance for rape among the ordinary, decent and god-fearing people. 
2. Knowing the near unanimous opprobrium for rape in Indian society, the christian missionary brigade with the secular brigade blithely peddled and some of them continue to peddle, like Bishops and ABishops the fairy tale of therape of the Nuns of Jhabua. This inspired the US State Dept to great and lyrical rage in its innumerable annual reports on innumerable issues concering the third and other worlds yet to be conquered by the church. 
3. So, if this nun was raped as she told us all thru the news channels NEARLY A MONTH AGO, why was NDTV 24+7, and the The Hindu, the arch defenders of the faith in Indian media, not approached by the nun, her bishop and all archbishops the day after?
4. The Hindu and NDTV would have taken up her cause and that of all raped nuns in a trice without waiting for proof or any corroborative evidence. They would have also made sure that the nun was examined by doctors and then they would have taken her to all national commissions - for women, for minorities and then also arramnged for her to speak to someone in the US State dept so that Naveen patnaik could also have been included in the growing list of US State Dept bete noires. Why did the victim nun, and all the church hierarchy cutting across denominations not run to the media, like they always do (remember the ABishop of Bangalore who gave yediyurappa an earful in full public view with NDTV gleefully 'panning' Yediyurappa's humiliation and the ABishop's self-righteious bogus rage) 
5. All of a sudden this nun is alleging rape, and along comes "sabyasachi' to tells us the christians are innocent and the doctors confirm rape.
6. One month down the line, you cannot confirm rape, beg all your pardon. It is perhaps possible to confirm an act and perhaps vouch to some injuries. That's all. If the victim of rape is alive, then her life and bodiluy functions did not come to a standstill after the alleged rape. Life moved on. Much fresh evidence would have disappeared.
7. I really need not go on. The church is a sodomising church. the church is also hell bent on assaulting the hindu nation with religious conversion. All is fair in ,love and war and this is war. The nun, the church, the church's hierarchy will jave to tell us why they did not go to the media. the doctors, the state and central government, all national commissions and all bleeding heart secularists - teesta, shabhana, shabnam, javed 1,  javed 2.....
8. Sabyasachi and the Nun appearing on media almost together is too much like the brothers Grimm. 
Sorry, the nun has to come clean on her one month's silence and so must all the church and thier supporters in the media. R


witan said...

If I remember correctly, this woman initially said she was only bashed up a bit, not raped. It is possible that she is being forced by her companion, the Christian "Father" from Keralam, to claim she was raped. OR, she might be en rewarded for making the accusation. It is also significant that both the padre and this woman have made themselves scarce: the police cannot question them.
I envisage the following scenario – it could be tragic for the woman. She would be killed, and a "suicide" note would be found saying she took her own life out of shame. OR, the Christist criminals (pardon the tautology) would kill some woman and produce her body as that of this woman. It will all work very nicely as anti-Hindu propaganda.
The Orissa police should be alert to these possibilities, and ask padre and the woman to come out from hiding immediately. Also, police should launch a vigorous search for the two. Get them declared as absconders.

Tranquil said...

The conundrum of this 'nonebooohooogangggrapeby indooomilitants ' was solved effortlessly by Musharraf earlier with his macabre yet substantially truthful explanation:

" ....women wanting to go abroad , gather international attention ,sympathy get themselves gangraped ."

As evangelicals in pukistan also resort to the same charade.

The following story will simplify it further:

There was this beggar who had the door slammed in his face by the daughter in law , dejectedly walking away.

Which was observed by the mother in law drawing water from the well at a distance.She beckoned him to follow her.The beggar with great expectations obeyed as she was cursing the daughter in law.

On reaching home, she plonks the pot down and says:

" Look, I am the mistress of this house , not she.I hereby say no alms for you"

And slams the door on his face.

The pope's proteges want to convey the same message.That 'rapegangrapesodomymurderapologiess ' all is their exclusive domain/prerogatives whatever.

Anger off indeed/

Tranquil said...

amaino , radhakant nayak & their evangelising footsoldiers planned and executed OUR HINDU SWAMIJI's gruesome murder.

He was in His Bath when the goons fired from their ak47s.

The most dangerous terrorist of the world is amaino.

Sameer said...


Happy Vijaya Dashami to all.
Happy Dashera.

Tranquil said...

>>>Christist criminals (pardon the tautology<<<

That was a REally good one !!!

karyakarta92 said...

The heading should probably read alleged rape of alleged "Nun". There is nothing remotely spiritual about the perverted death cult of mutilated Palestinian corpse worshippers. This Kerala christist "Nun" was probably er, active - either with consent or under duress from higher ups in the christist pyramid structure. Rape of any woman is certainly a despicable act - for the Hindu ethos. Therefore, this is merely the latest inculturation tactic by the sodomising christists. Outrage against defilement of womanhood is a Hindu concept, and most certainly not a Christian or Islamic one. These misogynist binary death cults degrade womanhood and rape their own women physically, pychologcially and spiritually. Also, while the christists are perpetrating a colossal rape of the Hindu civilisaton - the alleged "rape" of some alleged "Nun" is an insignificant matter - even granting for a second that this atrocious and diabolical propaganda were true for argument's sake.

witan said...

1. To Karyakartha92
I had similar thoughts at the back of my mind, that is why I have avoided the word "nun", but have used "this woman" in its place.
Also I have referred to the man who was with her when the alleged mob allegedly attacked them, as “her companion, the Christian "Father" [with quotes around Father]...”. We Hindus should make it a point not to address any Christian priest as "father". It is an unpardonable insult to one's real father. Also, don't give the title "His Holiness" to any non-Hindu. Pope is no holier to me than Popeye The Sailorman.

1. To Nizhal Yoddha
May I suggest we should not use the phrase "god-fearing" with reference to Hindus? We Hindus usually trust in God, beieve in God, etc., but we are not supposed to be afraid of god, unless we have willfully done something wrong. It is only the Semitic religions that are God-"fearing".

R.Sajan said...

1. The nun had initially denied any rape. She was however, medically examined. The examination report said that there were no external or internal injuries to her vagina but some semen stain was found inside. Thereupon, she sent in a complaint of rape - by one person in the mob.

2. The 'nun' is a convert. She is no Keralite. Her father, when the media contacted him, was busy preparing for the Durga Puja; and said that Durga would punish the guilty!

3. Radio Vatican ['the Voice of the Pope'] reported the incident very honestly. It said that two nuns had been raped and burnt alive!

4. The levels of morality among the missionaries in the North are very modern. We do not know when the semen actually got deposited inside the nun. The Jhabua rape case may be of interest here.

5. A mere Search of Orissa nun-rape on Google would give you all the links.