Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Quick notes: Foreign meddling, Trump towers...

  • Who knew!! Not just Russia, the United States too has a history of meddling in foreign elections.

  • Trump Towers in India: Ads in Indian newspapers have been promising drinks and dinner with Trump Jr. if buyers make a down payment of 2.5 million rupees for an apartment. Other investors are financing the construction, while the Trump family is benefiting from licensing fees it charges to put the Trump name on the buildings.

  • Bloodbath: Amazon is wreaking havoc on American grocery industry

  • Language policy: Calls for fight against Hindi imposition getting louder.

  • Are we helpless?

  • Papaji: "Don't take I with you":

  • Inner Workings: Cells continue to function even after an individual dies.

  • Solid numbers: Tamil Nadu among the world’s leading renewable energy markets 

  • Get them addicted early: Facebook expands 'Messenger Kids' to Android despite outcry.  These are the sneaky ways apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder lure you in and get you addicted.

Pak's Newest Official Language Is Chinese

Alongside English and Urdu, Pakistan's parliament has approved the creation of a new official language for the country - not Punjabi, not Pashto, but Chinese is now Pakistan's 3rd official language:

Friday, February 16, 2018

Fwd: Vishal Sikka: Looking Beyond the AI Hype Cycle

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Looking Beyond the AI Hype Cycle

Vishal Sikka Sees a More Thoughtful and Realistic Approach Ahead



'Generation Impact'

How Younger Donors Are Changing Philanthropy



The Quest to Make the World's Best Chocolates

An American Sets Up Shop in Ghana



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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pakistan to be Designated Terror Financier by West

The Financial Action Task Force, composed of the major Western powers, is going to put Pakistan on its terrorism financing watch list when it convenes later this month:


At the same time, the US Treasury Dept has added 3 Pakistanis to its terror sanctions list, as part of a new program of targeted sanctions against Pakistanis involved in terrorism.



Quick notes: Vatican takes a deep bow, Paki reply...

  • Vatican-Chini bhai-bhai: Pope genuflecting to China. ‘China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine,’ says senior Vatican bishop.

  • A brutal Paki reply to Trump: “This is Pakistan giving a small taste of what it’s capable of”... The military-grade explosives, not widely available, used in recent Taliban and ISIS attacks in Afghanistan point to a state sponsor, likely Pak. 

  • Padmashree V Nannamal: At 97, yoga guru is India's oldest Padma Shri

  • India needs more researchers: We need more public funding for research including the creation of a National Foundation for Research in Science, Technology, and Humanities with an annual non-lapsable grant of at least Rs 5000 crore to give research grants on a competitive non-discriminatory basis.

  • Mobile video viewership: Indians addicted to mobile videos

  • Teenagers no longer use Facebook: Less than half of American internet users between ages 12 and 17 will be using Facebook this year

  • Free transport: Germany considers plan for free public transport in polluted cities... Environmentalists brought court cases aimed at banning diesels from parts of some city centres. And fears millions of drivers could be affected spurred Merkel into action.

  • China leading here too: Electric Buses Will Take Over Half the World Fleet by 2025

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

US Assessment of Pakistan

The United States has released its worldwide threat assessment, which declares Pakistan and its nuclear program as a threat to American interests:

Interview With New ISRO Chief - Dr K Sivan

NDTV's Pallava Bagla interviews the new ISRO chief, Dr K Sivan:

Shallow person that I am, I'd asked interviewer Mr Pallava Bagla about whether the Chandrayaan-2 mission might allow India's national flag to be photographed on the Moon's surface, for posterity - fortunately he was able to tack on that question at the end.


Arvind Panagiriya: Modi Jeopardizing Reforms

Modi's former economic advisor says that Modi's current populist budget is putting all previous gains at risk:


Saturday, February 10, 2018

BBC Takes Aim at India/Hindus Again

Note that the mouthpiece of our former colonizers never asks how Hindus are treated in Pakistan. It seems that only India is deserving of negative scrutiny and vilification:

Given Britain's precarious trade situation right now following Brexit, it would be a very opportune moment for India to make them feel pressure over their nasty BBC propagandism.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Fwd: PILs put spotlight on quota politics of Left, TMC govts in West Bengal MINT

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Can Muslims claim reservations under OBC category. Didi including more communities as OBC/ST mostly Muslim. Can Constitutional Experts review this.
Is this a way to beat Religion Based Reservation?
PILs put spotlight on quota politics of Left, TMC govts in West Bengal

Kolkata: At least three public interest litigations (PILs) challenging reservations granted by successive West Bengal governments to dozens of communities—most of them Muslim—between 2010 and 2012 highlight how rivals Left Front and Trinamool Congress followed the same strategy to gain the support of minorities.

The PILs are currently being heard by the acting chief justice of the Calcutta high court, Jyotirmay Bhattacharya.

The petitioners have alleged that between 8 March 2010 and 24 September 2010, the Left Front gave 42 new communities reservations as other backward classes(OBC), of whom 41 were Muslim. Later, in March 2012, under the Trinamool Congress rule, 35 more communities were recognized as OBC, 30 of them Muslim.

According to a statement by the state government, West Bengal had by November 2010 recognized as many as 86% of the state's 20 million Muslim population as OBC.

In the 15 years till 2009, West Bengal had recognized only 66 communities as OBC, of whom 12 were Muslim. The PILs allege that the state government, before and after 2011, when the Trinamool Congress ended the Left Front's 34-year rule, did not follow the due process to determine if these communities required reservation. The petitioners seek cancellation of the recognition.

In 2010, the West Bengal government asked the University of Calcutta to conduct a survey to identify the "more backward" from backward classes, according to the petitioners. On 15 September that year, the university submitted a preliminary report, but without waiting for its final report, the state government decided to expand reservation for OBC from 7% to 17%.

On 24 September, the state created two categories: one with 10% reservation, and the other with 7%. The petitioners have alleged that the state government acted for the political benefit of elected representatives by creating religion-based reservation which was unconstitutional.

Tapan Kumar Mukherjee, a lawyer for the state, submitted in court that laws had been amended to empower the administration to recommend on its own communities that could be recognized as OBC. Subir Sanyal, the lawyer for the petitioners, however, said by the time that amendment was passed on 21 September 2010, 42 communities that were granted reservation that year had already been identified.

After the 2009 general election, the Left Front led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPM, realised that the Muslim community was drifting away, said a political analyst, who asked not to be named. From 2009, the CPM had a lot of discussions internally and it was decided that Muslims were to be granted reservation, this person said.

Politically, however, it did not benefit the CPM because it had no time to show how the reservation helped, according to the political analyst. The Trinamool Congress carried on with it, and now appears to have gained from it, he added. "But for the community it means little because reservations would help only if new jobs were created," he said.

"OBC or not, Muslims still have to bribe government officials for jobs," alleged Qazi Fazlur Rahman, a respected community leader in Kolkata. "The aim of declaring Muslim communities as OBC appears to be political gains only."

Abdus Sattar, a CPM leader and a former minister for minority development, said it was found that Hindu communities were benefitting from reservation whereas Muslims in the same profession were not recognized as OBC. The aim was to create "equal opportunity" for all communities in the same situation, he added.

However, things may not have improved much. Muslims accounted for a little over 9% of people employed with the state police, but even with almost eight years of reservations, things have not improve much, he claimed. If reservations were to succeed in giving backward Muslim communities a fillip, the process of obtaining OBC certificates should be simplified, he added.

Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar

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Fwd: India must continue to inflict a cost on Pakistan for LOC firing+Mainstream Madrassas+Defence Budget 2018-19: The Imperative of Controlling Manpower Cost

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From: Sanjeev Nayyar

1. NEW EDGINESS AMONGST BALOCH DIASPORA by Sandhya Jain 6.2.18 http://www.dailypioneer.com/columnists/edit/new-edginess-amongst-baloch-diaspora.html
Within Pakistan, however, targeted state action against the Baloch is assuming the form of a steady genocide that the international community cannot legitimately ignore. Balochistan's strategic location and immense mineral wealth make the Baloch national question important to the energy politics of the region and the world. '
2. New Delhi's policies towards Israel and Palestine are shifting from mere symbolism towards one driven by substantial outcomes 6.2.18 by Kabir Taneja
This de-hyphenation does not delegitimize New Delhi-Ramallah relations—India's former president Pranab Mukherjee, in fact, visited both Israel and Palestine in 2015—and is aimed at maximizing the advantages of the unique power-play in the larger West Asian region and to link Israel directly with India's national interests.' http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/HcQJgc8h4klmaczOw4BWQM/The-nuances-of-Indias-dehyphenated-policy.html
An important reason to continue robust action on the LoC is also to create uncertainty in Chinese thinking about the security of its China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passing through PoK.
3a. Tall story ceasefire 7.2.18 by Lt Gen Prakash Katoch http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/tall-story-ceasefire/ 
Since January 3, 2018, 12 Army and BSF personnel have been killed in Samba, Sunderbani, RS Pura, Krishna Ghati, Mendhar and Bhimber Gali Sectors. Civilians and suffered equally with eight killed and many injured. 
Ironically, the US is continuing joint military training with Pakistan, Pentagon has denied any plans to undertake operations inside Pakistan and a bill is being moved to stop non-military aid to Pakistan; indicating that Trump's Af-Pak policy with respect to Pakistan is more oomph and short on substance. 
If he is using artillery in direct firing role, why are we not doing so in the Siachen Sector where we are dominating him at so many places? 
4. How can India respond to the crisis in Maldives by Harsh Pant 7.2.18 https://thediplomat.com/2018/02/trouble-in-paradise-how-india-can-respond-to-the-crisis-in-the-maldives/
4a. India must stop intervening in Male OPED Globaltimes 7.2.http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1088536.shtml
In the past our military governments have pursued highly shortsighted policies for few monetary and political gains. For instance, the Saudi funding to Pakistan especially during General Ziaul Haq and later General Musharraf's period was to promote Wahabi ideology. And its political motive was to counter the influence of Iran and promote anti-Ahmadi sentiment.
Failing to bring in madrassa reforms will have adverse consequences. It has already generated a social division and impacted on their employment prospects'.
6. Defence Budget 2018-19: The Imperative of Controlling Manpower Cost  by Laxman Bera 2.2.18 https://idsa.in/issuebrief/defence-budget-2018-19-controlling-manpower-cost-lkbehera-020218
7. Mismanagement of Indian Navy ambitions 6.2.18 by Li Ji http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1088479.shtml
Improvement in military technology does not come about overnight. It is a long process that is not solely a military issue, but also related to a country's comprehensive strength, level of technology, manufacturing capability and quality of personnel. But the Indian military has been over-anxious for quick results in recent years and has paid too much attention to dealing with China. This will inevitably lead to adverse consequences. 
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar
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Quick notes: 5G cold war, Automotive liberation...

  • A nationalized 5G network? Trump's national security team is looking at options to counter Chinese threat that include building a super-fast 5G wireless network. Beijing is pushing for a greater role in setting technical standards in the next-generation wireless arena. “What if China is so successful in a key 5G technology that the US military becomes reliant on it as a supplier?”.

  • China's got a Railgun?: Looks like China just installed a railgun on a warship, beating the U.S. Navy to the punch

  • High Net worth Individuals: 7,000 ultra-rich Indians shifted overseas in 2017

  • The Automotive Liberation of Paris: The city has waged a remarkably successful effort to get cars off its streets and reclaim walkable space. Driving within Paris city limits has dropped about 45% since 1990. Meanwhile, the share of cyclists has increased tenfold over the same period. Transit’s share has risen by 30%.

  • Arara: A battery-free magnetically powered bicycle light.

  • Super Wood! Simple processes can make wood stronger than steel, able to stop a speeding bullet

  • The battle against tech addiction: “Facebook appeals to your lizard brain”... “It has never been easier to run away from ourselves.”

  • Church can be the 'Worst Place' to go for help: “Church is one of the least safe places to acknowledge abuse because the way it is counseled is, more often than not, damaging to the victim. There is an abhorrent lack of knowledge for the damage and devastation that sexual assault brings. It is with deep regret that I say the church is one of the worst places to go for help.”

  • Appropriating Indian knowledge base: Do read this whole thread. 

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Fwd: India shies away of confrontation with Beijing+US National Defence Strategy 2018 another instance of conceptual contradictions in Trump policies+

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1 Shopian Incident. Indian Army runs schools, hospitals, computer training classes and more in J&K Not a word of GRATITUDE. Instead throw stones. Pics of Army Goodwill School Harka Bahadur near Kargil. Wish I had studied there. https://www.esamskriti.com/a/Jammu-and-Kashmir/Army-Goodwill-School-Harka-Bahadur.aspx
2. India's missile arsenal an overview 31.1.18 by Brig Gurmeet Kanwal http://www.vifindia.org/article/2018/january/31/india-s-missile-arsenal-an-overview
3. India shied away of confrontation with Beijing 29.1.18 by Swaran Singh http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1087115.shtml
SN – Beijing shall try to provoke India. We should be cool and alert.
4. The ruled based order is now under threat 31.1.18 by Kanwal Sibal https://www.telegraphindia.com/opinion/against-the-grain-205033
'By walking out of the climate change accord, threatening to wreck the nuclear agreement with Iran sanctified by the UN, violating umpteen UN resolutions by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, pursuing anti-Muslim immigration legislation, it has prompted western European countries to state openly their concern about the US's commitment to upholding a rules-based order in the face of challenges from authoritarian powers.'
5. China Vatican ties should be decided by external forces 31.1.18 http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1087588.shtml
The Vatican has reportedly asked two bishops in China to step down in favor of Beijing-approved ones, triggering concerns from critics that the Holy See is "selling out" the Catholic Church in China'
6. US National Defence Strategy 2018 another instance of conceptual contradictions in Trump policies 1.2.18 by Kanwal Sibal //economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/62730992.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
7. Nepal India's course correction should be welcomed by Dr S Chandrasekharan 31.1.18 http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/node/2259
9. Lanka handing over Hambantota port has ramifications 30.1.18 by Col PL Srivastava http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/sri-lankas-handing-over-hambantota-port-to-china-has-enormous-ramifications/
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar
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Fwd: Our Indic Civilisation faces an existential threat from an insidious oligarchic coterie

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From: Jay Bhattacharjee

My  essay on this subject was written for SALUTE, a journal widely read by the Services fraternity. it was uploaded 
on the 2nd. 

It is slightly long but I wanted to assess the entire subject thoroughly.

It would be very nice to receive your thoughts on the article. 

Jay Bhattacharjee 

Jay Bhattacharjee MA(Cantab), FCS
Advisor (Corporate Laws & Finance)
Member : Delhi Stock Exchange Ltd.

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Fwd: Missiles, Satellites and Anti-Systems+So who has a coldwar mindset +Chinese response to plan to built tunnel below Sela Pas+Rohingya issue continues to take Centre stage

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From: Sanjeev Nayyar

1. Chinese response to plan to build tunnel below Sela Pass 5.2.18 http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1088180.shtml
China has plenty of chips with which to bargain with India, through political, military and economic means
2. U.S. General rules out operations inside Pakistan 3.2.18 https://www.dawn.com/news/1387031/us-general-rules-out-military-operations-inside-pakistan
3. India lost 4 more soldiers on the LOC. Giving tit for tat worked for a while. India needs to change strategy and also use trade etc as a tool to pressurise Pakistan. Interestingly HM and rarely new RM gives comments nowdays on giving the Pakis a strong response. http://www.dailyexcelsior.com/capt-3-soldiers-martyred-4-injured-in-heavy-pak-shelling/
4. Missiles, Satellites and Anti-Systems 4.2.18 by Lt Gen Prakash Katoch http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/missiles-satellites-and-anti-systems/
But it is likely that China is developing a missile defene system based on selective use of anti-missile interceptors to defend critical "point targets" like military facilities or key infrastructure like the Three Gorges Dam from possible attack by India or others. While India is presently still in the process of negotiating similar S-400 deal with Russia. 
5. So who has a coldwar mindset 5.2.18 by Claude Arpi http://www.indiandefencereview.com/so-who-has-a-cold-war-mindset/
n the meantime, it is refreshing that the new Indian Ambassador in China, Gautam Bambawale told The Global Times: Our interaction must be based on equality and mutual benefit. Also, in the India-China border areas, especially at some sensitive points, it is important not to change the status quo. We need to be clear about this." 

6. Artificial Intelligence in Military Operations: Technology, Ethics and the Indian Perspective 3.2.18 by Lt Gen R S Panwar http://www.indiandefencereview.com/artificial-intelligence-in-military-operations-technology-ethics-and-the-indian-perspective/
7. Defence Budget 2018-19 Dashes Hopes For Modernisation 5.2.18 by Col PK Vasudeva http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/defence-budget-2018-19-dashes-hopes-for-modernisation/
8. Rohingya issue continues to take Centre stage 4.2.18 by Dr S Chandrasekharan http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/node/2260 
On 4h January, a vehicle carrying military personnel was attacked resulting in injuries to five of them. The ARSA posted a statement subsequently on 7th Jan confirming its involvement and saying that it has "no other option but to combat 'Burmese state-sponsored terrorism' against the Rohingya population for the purpose of defending, salvaging and protecting the Rohingya community."  This is hardly the way to protect the community when everyone knows that retaliation by the Myanmar Army will be swift and brutal.
The refugee issue is getting more and more complicated and the net result would be that not only repatriation will be delayed, the extremist Jihadi elements within the camps will be having ample time to organise a sustained insurgency from southern Bangladesh.  This has security implications not only for Myanmar and Bangladesh but also for India.
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar

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Fwd: Tantraguna – The ancient criteria for scientific writing by Hitesh Vyas

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Sharing article that might be of interest. If like share.
Tantraguna – The ancient criteria for scientific writing
By Hitesh A Vyas, January 5 2018


The scientific paper has been developed over the past three centuries into a tool to communicate the results of scientific inquiry. Scientific writing must have of a high standard because it is related with the process of gaining knowledge for the learned as well as new learners. In ancient era, specific writing methodology was adopted by the scientists to prepare standard and highly-scientific manuscripts in the field. Tools such as Tantrayukti (techniques for writing/decoding treatise), Tachchhilya (inclinations), Kalpana (compositions), etc., have been described in the classics to maintain the quality standards of scientific literature. Due to well-established writing methods, scientific literatures such as Samhita (Ayurvedic texts), Samgraha-grantha (compendia), Nighantu (lexicons), etc., were written uniformly and good quality literature was generated. The characteristics of good scientific writing for Shastra (treatise) have been described in the Vimanasthana of Charaka Samhita which is known as Tantraguna. The Tantraguna covers the key points of the writing such as language, order, length, method, etc. After reviewing and analyzing these Tantraguna, it can be concluded that the ancient writing method can be compared with some aspect to current introduction, methods, results and discussion structure of scientific writing. This analysis may help to empower and strengthen the current standards of scientific writing by editing new aspects of ancient writing method.

Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar

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Fwd: FW: Cabal plans October meltdown in share prices to rout BJP - Madhav Nalapat

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Cabal plans October meltdown in share prices to rout BJP

By MADHAV NALAPAT | NEW DELHI | 4 February, 2018


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